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My main career was as an academic in English studies, and poetry was the first form I worked in. Today, I still love to write about other writers, and also to keep the poems in my notebooks, developing from, as Wordsworth said, 'emotion recollected in tranquillity.'

A bit about some of my books...

Student Guide to W H Auden

W.H. AudenThis is a short introduction to Auden's major poetic themes, placed chronologically, so that the social and literary context of the poetry is integrated into the text. The book will be a very useful guide to students studying Auden's work at advanced level, and will also enhance the understanding and enjoyment of the poetry for the general reader. There is also a full bibliography and a timeline included, as with every volume in the Greenwich Exchange Student Guide series.

The Imagination in Transit

The Imagination TransitThis book is one of the first studies of the work of one of America’s most important novelists, dealing with the autobiography and fiction up to 1998. Themes and preoccupations are explained, from the first impact of Portnoy’s Complaint and the depiction of Jewish American identity, to the emergence of Roth’s persona, Nathan Zuckerman. This book provides the ideal introduction and study guide to the early and middle period output of Philip Roth.

Jewish American Literature Since 1945

Jewish American LitThis work offers a broad survey of Jewish American writing over the last seventy years, covering all major genres and principal figures, notably of course in the novel and the theatre. There are summaries of most influential writers, such as Bellow, Malamud and Paley, but much else besides, including short introductions to some of the poets in this area of writing. The social and ideological context is also explained where needed. Readers exploring this exciting and provoking literature will find this book a valuable aid to understanding.

List of My Writings On Literature & Poetry

  • Christopher Isherwood
  • The Imagination in Transit
  • Student Guide to W H Auden
  • Jewish American Literature Since 1945
  • More on the Word-Hoard: Seamus Heaney
  • Gladsongs and Gatherings: Poetry in Liverpool
  • In My Own Shire
  • Student Guide to Christopher Isherwood

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