True Crime

True crime writing comes from far more than an interest in the crime itself. The genre includes elements fo biography, social history and of course, detective work. The writer also has to explain the law as it was at the time of the story. But at the heart of all this is a human dilemma, often a tragedy, and the narrative begins and ends with the exploration of that.

A bit about some of my books...

Famous Prisoner's of Wormwood Scrubs

Famous Prisoners of Wormwood ScrubsWormwood Scrubs is Britain's most 'media-soaked' prison. Its celebrity inmates have provided the tabloids with many good stories, from Rolling Stone Keith Richards - banged up for drugs offences - to notorious spy George Blake, whose escape enthralled the country. It has entertained the Master of the Queen's music, Sir Michael Tippett, socialist scrapper Fred Copeman, rebellious soul Pete Doherty, influential writer Joe Orton, lifetime litigant Lord Alfred Douglas, fraudster John Stonehouse and professional con Charles Bronson.In this book, you'll read about the forgotten, as well as the famous; the plain as well as the extraordinary. It is an enthralling gallery of...Read More

Notorious Prison's of the World

Notorious Prisons of the WorldThe first prisons were in the dungeons of empires and castles, places of neglect and sheer oblivion. Every civilization has had its dissenters and its 'deviants' - criminals as well as political offenders, and so prisons became essential to the retention of power. As the centuries passed after classical times, and prisons were needed for other categories of person, such as debtors, states across the world began to cater for a variety of prisoners, and legal systems became more closely linked to incarceration. The World's Most Notorious Prisons traces this development, from the state prisons of Athens and Rome, through to the birth of the house of correction and the penitentiary. Stephen Wade tells the stories of the infamous penal colonies and state prisons across the stage of world history, from Alcatraz to...Read More

Criminal River: A History of the River Thames Police

Criminal River: A History of the River Thames PoliceCriminal River explores the social and legal history of the police on the River Thames, from the founding of the Thames Marine Police in 1798 to the contemporary establishment working in co-operation with other security and crime prevention organizations. The book begins with an account of eighteenth-century crime on the river, and goes on to explain the adaptation to rapid social and industrial change that came with the growth of empire and the ever-changing challenge of policing the river traffic. The book also explores...Read More

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