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I've been interested in ghosthunting since my teens. My series of paranormal investigations give a mix of all phenomena - from poltergeists to spectral animals. You have to take care in the research though, and check out facts where you can. But a time comes when you have to trust the teller of the tale!

A bit about some of my books...

Red Rose Paranormal

Red Rose ParanormalHere is a collection of stories mixing some of the most compelling and enduring traditional ghostly stories from Lancashire with more recent uneasy everyday experience from the county. There are stories here from the manor houses, halls and theatres of the county towns, ranging from apparitions of the witch-hunting days and from the Tudor persecutions of recusants. Here the reader will be told about spirits from the other world, some loitering by the place of their violent death, and others haunting a place they perhaps cannot leave, even in their passing from this world. These are confrontations with the dead, collected from across the county. What they all have in common is a shaky, nervous recall of encounters with restless souls, sometimes in places where they have been met before. The author has gathered and selected these Red Rose stories with a strong awareness of the unsettled and sometimes horrendous social and religious history of one of Britain's most paranormal shires, taken from old sources and from personal anecdotes.

Hauntings in Lincolnshire

Hauntings In LincolnshireHauntings in Lincolnshire gathers many of these ordinary meetings with the ghosts, poltergeists, restless spirits and tortured souls from the other world. Included here are stories from the city of Lincoln, a place of gaols and hangings, and ghost stories from the Fens in the south and from the fishing communities of the Humber estuary. Tales by ordinary folk mix here with some of the famous and infamous spectres of Lincolnshire.

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