Famous But Forgotten Murders

Famous But Forgotten Murders

About the Book

Penn & Sword

November 2010


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The word ‘murder’ attracts the rea der of the latest tabloid sensation. The story will provide animated talk at tea-breaks across the land, and the killer is vilified and hated. Then the next day has one more grisly tale of another murder. The worst crimes become yesterday’s news. Some live on, notably the lives and deeds of the worst serial killers and gangsters. But most stories are forgotten. In this book, Stephen Wade has gathered murder stories covering the whole span of the last century, providing a mix of cases which were famous at the time but are now for the true crime aficionado.

Here you will find the story of the first conviction from fingerprint evidence, murders of police officers, an account of the last hanging in England, and stories of murderous husbands and wives. But there are also the mysteries: unsolved murders here include the infamous Wallace case, the librarian’s confession found after his death, and the continuing puzzle of Jeannie Donald, whose case ended in the Scottish verdict of ‘not proven.’

The reader will meet the man who poisoned his rival’s scones; the perhaps wrongful conviction of Walter Rowland, and the amazing acquittal of the good wife who shot her man dead. There are also tales from the Isle of Man, which gave death penalty verdicts in the 1990s.

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