Britain's Most Notorious Prisoners

Britain's Most Notorious Prisoners

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Penn & Sword

June 16, 2011

ISBN-10: 1845631293

ISBN-13: 978-1845631291


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Prison is an unknown world to most of us. It is a place where time stops and lives are held in suspension, out of circulation; in the gaol population, amongst the fraudsters and robbers there are the dangerous ones: the killers and rapists, the gang hit men and the serial offenders. They are the most notorious, and their reputations have been enlarged, sometimes by glamour and sometimes by horrendous tales of their misdeeds.

Britain’s Most Notorious Prisoners tells the stories of some of these lives inside the ‘Big House’ where prison culture becomes a strange, unreal community and where the prison Service has to learn to cope with those who live by their own morality and have no time for the law of the land.

Here are the stories of the long stretches endured by the Krays, Charles Bronson, Ruth Ellis and many more. Some are little-known, such as the amazing escape from Lincoln prison by Eamon de Valera and the escape from Dartmoor by Denis Stafford. The prison tales here cover Oscar Wilde’s time in Reading through to Jeremy Bamber’s long campaign to assert his innocence. Chapters include insights into the lesser-know details of prison life, including the death cell, the executioner’s experience and the difficult work done by prison officers and other prison staff.

This is my personal selection of the people who spent or are still spending, a very long time inside prison walls, or whose lives have always been of exceptional media interest. I have also included Noel Razor Smith, who has found fame as a writer through his autobiographical works.

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