Welcome to my site, a place where all my activities as a writer are explained. I’ve been writing for some years now, and become a specialist in crime history and biography. I hope that, whatever your tastes in the wide spectrum of my writing, there will be something here to interest you.

Over the last year I’ve been busy with two historical works: The Justice Women and Grimsby in the Great War. The first is a social history—with lots of biography—of women in Britain working in all areas of the criminal justice system. The second looks at Grimsby’s people in the war against the Kaiser, and I found some compelling tales there. Both are published by Pen and Sword this year.

I’ve also been writing more fiction, and my collection of short stories, Uncle Albert, is out from Priory Press soon. These tales are light and entertaining, going back to my Yorkshire roots, and I intend to follow this with a novel in the same vein.

Finally, I have a piece included in a true crime collection from The History Press — Truly Criminal, edited by Martin Edwards, and in that piece I trace my interest in the famous Ireland’s Eye mystery of 1852.

Stephen Wade

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